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Grand Espresso Whole Beans

Lavazza. Espress Yourself.

Weight: 1000 gr / 35.2 oz

Grand Espresso Whole Beans Large photo

Grand Espresso Whole Beans

Lavazza Grand Espresso is the coffee for all occasions – mild and harmonious with spicy aromas and good crema. Imported from Italy. 60% Arabica, 40% Robusta. Medium-bodied. Medium caffeine content. Good crema. Best for use in Espresso coffee makers. Good for espresso based coffee drinks. Lavazza, the Italian coffee specialist, selects the finest quality beans at their source in exotic locations around the world and then prepares premium coffee blends that are ideal for use in professional espresso machines. This attention to details is the secret behind Lavazza’s guarantee of consistent in-cup excellence.

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