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Curtis Water Filtration System - 15 Fiberdyne Replacement Cartridge


Curtis Water Filtration System - 15 Fiberdyne Replacement Cartridge Large photo

Curtis Water Filtration System - 15 Fiberdyne Replacement Cartridge

The Scale is Tipped Against You.

Most water supplies contain high levels of scale-causing minerals (primarily calcium and magnesium) that build up on the heating elements, tanks, valves and other parts of your coffee brewing equipment. Excessive scale can cause increased service calls and complicate refurbishing of brewing equipment.

The Chlorine Connection.

Coffee is made up of 98% water. Consequently, the quality of the water greatly affects the quality of the brewed beverage. Municipal water supplies are treated with chlorine as a disinfectant. If not removed, the chlorine may react with the coffee, producing a bitter, unpleasant taste and odor.

The Clear Answer – CURTIS Water Filtration Systems.

Curtis Water Filtration Systems are specifically designed for coffe brewing equipment. Advanced HydroBlend technology delivers effective scale and corrosion control, and enhanced filtration components provide superior chlorine taste and odor removal for a better tasting gourmet beverage. Plus, Curtis Filters feature an extra large filtration medium which provides proper water flow well past the recommended replacement cycle – eliminating clogged filters and unnecessary service calls.

Engineered for the Rigors of High Temperature Brewing.

Most filters are designed for cold water applications. The HydroBlend technology used in Curtis Water Filtration Systems, is engineered to excel under high temperature conditions, providing unparalleled scale control for your brewing equipment.

Simply The Best Solution.

Both user-friendly and economical, Curtis Water Filtration Systems are your best insurance to protect your valuable investment and provide consistent high quality results. Use of a Curtis Filtration System practically guarantees reduced service calls while simplifying refurbishing programs. And, Curtis G3 equipment provides an automatic reminder when filters should be replaced through its programmable P-Maintenance feature.

Don’t Water Down Your Profits.

Offer your customers the very best brew possible and insure your quality coffee brewing equipment investment with a quality water filtration system. Curtis Water Filtration Systems.

Lime/Scale Control
Simple, small profile filter head installation
Selection of cartridges to handle any equipment type
Quick disconnect style cartridge for easy replacement
Proven HydroBlend scale and corrosion control PLUS chlorine taste and odor removal – Provides better tasting high quality beverages, reduced equipment maintenance costs, and increased equipment service life.

Rated Life (in gallons): 7,500
Flow (GPM): 1.5
Micron Rating: 10
Pressure Range (psi): 32 - 125 psi
Temperature Range: 35 - 100F

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