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Espressione Supremma Super Automatic Coffee/Beverage Center


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Espressione Supremma Super Automatic Coffee/Beverage Center

Supremma Super Automatic Coffee/Beverage Center is unlike competitive models. It features a professional brewing system developed by Bianchi-the renowned Italian manufacturer of vending machines, which allows us to offer an unprecedented 10-Year-Limited Warranty on the brewing group(only). This well designed, full featured, super automatic coffee center is ready to serve your every coffee need with a simple touch of finger. Whether for one shot at home, business meeting or social event, this all in one coffee powerhouse requires minimal maintenance. Professional performance in a super automatic coffee / beverage center with intelligent and elegantly refined design. Fully programmable incorporated professional ceramic grinding plates, coffee essence system (CES), use with whole bean or ground coffee BONUS CAPPUCINADOR included free!

Additional features include:
Easy to use Touch Screen displays information on the selection made and guides the user
Top performance 18 Bar pump, 8 programmable options, and temperature control
Large 1.8 liter removable water tank on the side with visible water level and blue cobalt light
Powerful Maxi Cappuccino milk frothing device with Bonus Cappucinador for making perfect Cappuccinos and Lattes - valued at $50 included free!
Coffee Essence System (CES) is a pre-infusion that extracts and boosts the aroma and flavor of the coffee, works with either ground coffee or whole beans.
Professional quality adjustable ceramic grinding plates do not burn the coffee even at high speeds thus preserving the real taste and provides variation in coarseness.
Includes instructional DVD to avoid returns and give consumer added confidence
Dimensions: 19" x 13.7" x 18"
Weight: 26.5 pounds
Technical Specifications:
Anti-Drip valve with self primer - Yes
Hot water and steam function - Yes
Automatic switch-off - Adjustable
Coffee mill with grind regulation - 250 g
Coffee Bean Capacity - 8.8 ounces
Removable drip tray - Yes
Tank with visible water level - 1.8 liters
High-performance pump - 18 bar
High pressure safety valve with cap - Yes
Thermo Cream system with filter - Yes
High touch screen buttons with indicators - Yes
Use with ground coffee and whole beans - Yes
Self cleaning and decalcification - Yes
Brewing Group(only) Limited Warranty - 10 years
Regular Limited Warranty (all other) - 2 years
Cup Holder and warming tray - Yes
Extraction Method - Pump driven
Voltage - 120 V /60Hz
Power - 1150W
Weight - 25 lbs
Body - ABS / Polycarbonate
Dimensions - 12.7"W x 15.9"D x 15"H
Certification - CUL
The machine is tuned according to the Italian espresso standards. The machine is set to provide brewed coffee on cup at temperatures of 70ºC (158F) with a tolerance of ± 5ºC. The coffee brewing temperature in the boiler is higher than 80 degrees, so that the temperature on cup can be at 70 degrees. For the 1st cup, since the boiler is just warmed up, the temperatures are at around 65ºC (149F); For next cups, once the boiler has warmed up, the temperature stabilizes around 75ºC (167F). The cup warmer helps on coffee temperature dropping after contact with the cup at room temperature. Wesley, you know, that 100% of the units is tested, and temperature of coffee, water and steam are tested just before packing. The mentioned temperatures of 120F (48ºC) and 100F (37ºC) are very low temperatures. Being the temperatures that low, something is wrong: either the unit or the thermostat. Note that the temperatures will be affected by, Type of cup used: temperature on a cardboard, or plastics cup will be higher than o a ceramic or glass cup. Measuring spot: all temperatures shall be measured around the same area, e.g. ¾ from the top.We have measured the temperatures on the CA4865 models (in 120V) we have on the factory, and the temperatures are correct within range.

Ship Time: 1 Week

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