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Saeco Odea Go Espresso Coffee Machine


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Saeco Odea Go Espresso Coffee Machine

Saeco’s Primea Touch Plus can be summed up in one word: outstanding. It’s the only espresso machine on the market that has a color touch screen, making programming cup size, milk frothing, and many of the machine’s other functions as easy as using an ATM. Also unique to the Primea is its Touch2Cappuccino System, which can dispense coffee and milk from both spouts at the same time, so you can make 2 cappuccinos or 2 lattes with 1 touch. Another exclusive feature to this Saeco machine is its internal milk container. With enough milk to make 4 cappuccinos, the built-in milk container eliminates the need for an external pitcher and hose. The Primea takes care of everything: grinding, tamping, brewing, steaming, frothing. It even has a motorized drip tray to let you accommodate short espresso cups as well as tall milk glasses. With the Primea Touch Plus, you can control almost every aspect of the machine down to the temperature of its cup warmer. The dial on the dispenser controls the strength of your espresso with just a quick turn, plus there is a bypass doser for preground coffee whenever you want to brew something different than what’s in your bean hopper.

Animated Color Touch Screen
Each of the 8 types of drinks that you can make with the Saeco Primea Touch Plus has its own icon on the animated display screen: hot milk, hot water, espresso, coffee, long coffee, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. To create the drink of your choice, touch the corresponding icon on the touch screen once to dispense 1 drink, or twice for 2. The Primea will then ask you to choose the temperature, amount of water, and strength of the brew. Then, as espresso and milk are dispensed into your cup or cups, the animated cup on the display screen will fill and show when the process is complete.

Automatic Milk Frothing and Steaming
With the Saeco Primea Touch Plus, there’s no need to worry about mastering the often-difficult art of frothing, steaming, and pouring proper ratios of milk to espresso. This super automatic machine will pull milk from the removable milk reservoir, process it perfectly, and dispense just the right amount into your cup.

Touch2Cappuccino System
Whether you love cappuccinos, lattes, or macchiattos, the Saeco Primea is the only machine that can make not just 1, but 2 specialty milk drinks from start to finish with a single touch of the screen. Simply place 2 cups below the dispensing spouts, touch the drink icon of your choice, and after choosing your flavor and temperature preferences, espresso and milk are dispensed into your waiting cups simultaneously. And, you can even double the drink amount for each cup just by tapping the drink icon twice.

Coffee Strength Options
The Saeco Brewing System dial on the front of the Primea Touch Plus allows you to set your coffee to your tastes. With the turn of the dial, you can change the strength of your coffee from mild to strong. You can also adjust the amount of water for each drink using the animated touch display.

Programmable Icons
If you find a combination of settings that create just the right drink, you can save them using the animated display. After making your drink, the screen will ask if you would like to save your settings, so you can create the same drink any time you want.

Double Boiler System
You never need to wait between espresso and frothed milk with Saeco’s Instant Steam System. The Primea Touch Plus has 2 stainless steel boilers that ensure there is always water at the right temperature for brewing, steaming, or dispensing hot water.

Coffee of the World Menu
Saeco is an international company and its Coffee of the World programming menu definitely reflects it. By choosing “Extras” on the display screen, you can access a list of 7 different beverages that the machine will automatically prepare based on certain regional preferences. You can try an Italian ristretto, an Italian espresso, typical American coffee, North European coffee, French/Swiss coffee, a Goodnight Milk to lull you to sleep, or a Goodmorning Coffee to wake you up. You can also save these drinks to the main drink menu for frequent use.

Touch Lift Drip Tray
Saeco’s touch lift technology lets you adjust the height of your drip tray to match your cup sizes with an up and down button that activates the motor as you press. The motorized drip tray makes it easy to change between different cup sizes. Saeco’s Touch Lift technology lets you adjust the drip tray to match different cup heights, so you can brew any variety of drink sizes you want without clumsy adjustments.

Bypass Doser
When you want to brew a quick batch of preground coffee, you can use the Primea’s bypass doser located on the top of the machine. This allows you to accommodate a variety of tastes, whether it’s a special roast or a decaffeinated variety for guests or late-night lattes.

Aroma System
The Saeco Aroma System pre-wets your coffee grinds to ensure the best possible coffee extraction. This feature, also known as pre-infusion, can be turned off or on, or lengthened to suit your taste.

Low-Noise Grinder
The unpleasantness of waking up to a loud coffee grinder is second only to the beeping of an alarm clock. The Primea Touch Plus comes with a durable built-in ceramic disc grinder with automatic shut off for safe, quiet operation.

Automatic Turn-on and Energy Save Functions
Your Saeco super automatic can be ready to brew right when you get up. By setting a turn-on time using the touch screen display, the machine will be warmed up and ready to go. You can also set it to shut down after a certain amount of time, so you never need to worry about wasting power.

Adjustable Cup Warmer
The active cup warmer on this Saeco machine has enough room for 6 espresso cups, so there will always be hot cups ready to brew into. You can turn it on and off using the touch screen display and even change the temperature to meet your needs. Simply touch the “settings” icon on the animated touch screen to change the cup warmer settings.

Removable Brew Group
Unlike many super automatic machines, you can access the Saeco Primea’s inner components for cleaning. Its brew group is easy to remove with a quick-release handle, so cleaning is never a hassle.

Built-In Milk Container
The Saeco Primea Touch Plus comes with 2 plastic milk containers that can be swapped in and out of the machine. Located on the left side of the machine just above the water reservoir, the milk container can be easily removed for cleaning, and then quickly replaced so you can brew delicious cappuccinos or lattes without an external pitcher. Since the milk containers are not insulated, each one should be removed between uses and stored in the refrigerator.

Removable Water Reservoir
The removable, 2-liter water reservoir is easy to fill right at your sink. It slides all the way into the machine itself, providing a seamless and attractive outer casing.

Hot Water Dispenser
When you’re in the mood for a cup of tea rather than an espresso, the Saeco Primea Touch Plus can dispense hot water with a touch of the tea icon on the display screen. The rotating hot water dispensing wand is located just behind the coffee spout, so you do not have to move your cup around to add hot water.

Aqua Prima Water Filter
The first ingredient to high-quality espresso is filtered water. The Saeco Primea comes with a built-in Aqua Prima filter that takes out the sediments that can alter the taste of your coffee and build up in your brewing components.

Milk Rinse Cycle
It is important to rinse any milk residue from the machine’s internal components after every use, and the color touch screen will remind you to do this. By simply placing a cleaning container where the milk container usually goes and running this cycle, your machine will be sanitized automatically.

Easy Descaling
The Primea Touch Plus will also remind you when it is time to descale. This message will occur about every three months, and is an important process to protect your machine and ensure your coffee always tastes fresh. The display will walk you through each step, making periodic maintenance an easy and stress-free procedure.

Wheel Base
Espresso machines can be difficult to move around your kitchen, especially when you want to rearrange your counters. The sliding wheel base on the Primea makes it easy to rotate or move across countertops.

The Saeco Primea Touch Plus comes with a ground coffee scoop, user manual, an additional milk container and a variety of helpful tools. To assist cleaning cycles and maintenance, the Primea comes with a Cappucinatore cleaning pin, applicator, water hardness tester, lubricant for the brew group, cleaning brush and cleaning detergent.

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