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Saeco Syntia Compact Espresso Machine Stainless Steel


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Saeco Syntia Compact Espresso Machine Stainless Steel

Enjoy coffeehouse quality espresso with the touch of a button. Effortless to operate, this espresso maker deftly handles every step of the brew process – from grinding fresh beans to frothing milk for lattes – in a sleek and space-saving design.

An air-tight lid with anti-UV coating keeps beans fresh until you’re ready to grind them.
The built-in ceramic disc grinder operates safely and quietly for a fresh grind time after time.
Select the coarseness of the grind you prefer with easy-to-use controls.
An adjustable doser allows you to regulate the amount of ground coffee so you can control the coffee’s strength.
An adjustable dispensing head can be raised and lowered to fit a variety of cup sizes.
Saeco’s easy-clean system allows for simple, chemical-free cleaning.
The large drip tray can be removed for cleaning.
The large capacity 40-oz. water tank is removable.
The tank includes an Intenza water filter to improve your coffee’s taste and protect your machine from limescale.
A programmable pre-brewing cycle injects hot water into the ground coffee for optimal flavor extraction.
The steam/hot water dial can be turned left to froth milk for cappuccinos, macchiatos and lattes, or right to dispense hot water for Americanos.
Incredibly compact design allows front access to all features, freeing up valuable counter space.
Automatic cleaning cycles ensure that carafe and tubing are always kept clean of residue.
Front access to machine grants direct access to the removable brew group. Just remove, rinse and reinsert.
Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
Power: 1400 Watts, 120 Volts
Size: 12.5"H x 10.5"W x 16"D
Weight: 19.5 lbs
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Warranty: 2-years parts and labor warranty Origin: Italy

Ship Time: 1 Week

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