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CDCC Coffee Urn Dispenser Cleaner 96 Ct


CDCC Coffee Urn Dispenser Cleaner 96 Ct Large photo

CDCC Coffee Urn Dispenser Cleaner 96 Ct

Our patented filter pouch cleaner, chemical packaged in a tea paper pouch, makes cleaning as easy as brewing a pot of coffee or tea. And, rinsing is easy and complete because our chemical is non soapy - no left over chemical residue or after taste. The cleaner is safe on all glass, plastic and stainless steel servers. The pre-measured filter pouch cleans without scrubbing. Filter Pouch cleans up to 1-1/2 gal urns, use 2 or more for larger urns. Sold as .75 oz pouchs for a total of 96CT 8/12'S (00235)per case.

User Friendly... Simply place CDCC filter pouch in brew basket, place dirty dispenser under brew basket and brew a pot of coffee dispenser cleaner... it keeps clean without scrubbing when used as directed.
Complete Cleaning... The CDCC coffee dispenser cleaner reaches all surfaces where carbon, stain and grime have built up... it dissolves them completely.
Easy Rinsing... Empty the cleaner by pouring, pumping or through faucet to assure complete cleaning... fill the dispenser with hot water and empty the same way... Only one rinsing required.
Clean Dispensers... Improves the taste of the coffee...increases coffee sales and tells the customer that “you care.”
Reduces Equipment Costs... Eliminate dispenser exchanges especially w/air pots, thermal gravity servers & stainless steel servers.
Reduces Service Costs... Eliminate service calls and shop labor due to dirty dispensers and leaking faucets.

Ship Time: 1-2 weeks

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