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Cuda Espresso Pods 55MM (Single Cup) 600/CS

Weight: 4 lb

Cuda Espresso Pods 55MM (Single Cup) 600/CS Large photo

Cuda Espresso Pods 55MM (Single Cup) 600/CS

Espresso preparation is complicated:
One must be trained to grind roasted beans to a specific, fine grind, which leaves little room for error.
Also, one must be trained on how much coffee to load into a porta-filter handle and how hard to tamp the coffee.
Lack of knowledge will result in inconsistent, low quality espresso shots.
Additionally, it is a very messy operation handling roasted beans and loose grinds.
Pods take all of the guesswork out of preparing the perfect shot of espresso by just following these four simple steps:
Open the pouch & remove the pod.
Place pod in porta-filter & lock into machine.
Brew pod for 18-25 seconds.
Remove pod & discard.
No Grinding, Measuring, or Tamping is necessary because pods are pre-measured and available in the following sizes:
45 or 55 mm single shot pods
55 mm double shot pods
Additional Benefits:
Fresh Aroma
Consistent Extraction
Classic Crema
Pods help Inventory and Portion Control by:
Reducing shrinkage and waste because there are no spilled grounds or over-dosing.
Eliminate the need for a Grinder
Portions are simple: 1 pod = 1 drink

All Beans Are Not Created Equal

Simply put Cuda Coffee is a world-class specialty gourmet coffee. We select only premium gourmet coffee beans of the highest quality from South and Central America. Our gourmet coffee blend features only 100% Arabica coffee beans. Each type of bean is roasted separately to ensure the finest roast point and then blended together. Many other roasters cool their beans by quenching them with water, which begins to rot the bean and weigh it down. Our beans are quickly air-cooled, which ensures that you are not buying or drinking coffee with water-logged beans. To assure freshness, our coffees are sealed in elegant foil valve packed bags with a one-way valve for degassing. Pods sold as 6 boxes of 100 pods each for a total of 600 pods.

Other gourmet coffee companies say they are the best. We put our reputation on the line to prove it. See our exclusive Cuda Coffee Guarantee of Satisfaction.

Ship Time: 1 Week

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