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Fresh Roasted Ground Coffee (12oz) - Cuda Select Harvest Blend

Weight: 12 oz

Fresh Roasted Ground Coffee (12oz) - Cuda Select Harvest Blend Large photo

Fresh Roasted Ground Coffee (12oz) - Cuda Select Harvest Blend

Cuda Premium Select Harvest Drip Coffee Blend: A South American coffee blend offering subtle nuances from 2 very different growing regions. A superb cup, it is aromatic, sweet and pleasantly tangy. A premium gourmet coffee you can enjoy all day. All Beans Are Not Created Equal!Simply put Cuda Coffee is a world-class specialty gourmet coffee. We select only premium gourmet coffee beans of the highest quality from South and Central America. Our gourmet coffee blend features only 100% Arabica coffee beans. Each type of bean is roasted separately to ensure the finest roast point and then blended together.Many other roasters cool their beans by quenching them with water, which begins to rot the bean and weigh it down. Our beans are quickly air-cooled, which ensures that you are not buying or drinking coffee with water-logged beans.To assure freshness, our coffees are sealed in elegant foil valve packed bags with a one-way valve for degassing. The bags ensure a fresh gourmet coffee and are also re-sealable. Other gourmet coffee companies say they are the best. We put our reputation on the line to prove it. See our exclusive 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. Guarantee of Satisfaction: We are so confident that you will love our coffee, we guarantee it! How does it work? Try a 12 oz bag of our World-Class Premium Gourmet Coffee. If you are not 100% satisfied that Cuda Coffees World-Class Premium Blend is the best coffee you have tasted, simply return the unused portion of the coffee, and receive your money back!Note: we can not reimburse for freight.

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