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BrewStation 12 Cup Coffeemaker wRemovable Reservoir


BrewStation 12 Cup Coffeemaker wRemovable Reservoir Large photo

BrewStation 12 Cup Coffeemaker wRemovable Reservoir

Nothing to spill, break or burn.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker offers convenient one-hand dispensing without a conventional glass carafe. There's no pouring or spills, and nothing fragile to break and replace. Best of all, there's nothing to give your coffee that scorched flavor, so "Your last cup tastes as fresh as the first."

An enclosed brewing system and gentle keep-warm heater ensure that coffee holds in heat and flavor for hours. You make coffee the way you always have, brewing the full pot and dispensing just one cup at a time. If you're serious about great-tasting coffee, the bestselling BrewStation coffee maker is a must.

- The original 12 cup dispensing coffeemaker

- Forget the Carafe - 12 cup dispensing coffeemaker without a carafe

- Removable water reservoir makes filling easy

- Brews a full 12 cups and dispenses one fresh cup at a time

- No carafe means no pouring, no spilling, no breaking and no burnt coffee flavor

- Coffee stays fresh longer

- Programmable for iced coffee

- One-hand dispensing

- Versatile brewing - choose from bold, regular or small-batch options

- Gentle warming heater maintains coffee's temperature - no hot plate to scorch coffee flavor

- Adjustable auto shutoff - customizable from 0-4 hours

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