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Bunn Bx-bd Classic 10 Cup Coffeemaker High Alt. - Black


Bunn Bx-bd Classic 10 Cup Coffeemaker High Alt. - Black Large photo

Bunn Bx-bd Classic 10 Cup Coffeemaker High Alt. - Black

Specifically designed for use in high-altitude areas this special version of the BUNN BX-B offers BUNN brewing perfection with the Classic stainless steel accented design that customers have loved for years. Patterned after BUNN's commercial & restaurant brewing systems this home brewer puts high quality materials and classic brewing technology into one great package. The stainless-steel tank holds the brew water at approximately 200?F the temperature required to extract the maximum flavor from coffee. The BUNN brewing system showers the water over the ground coffee using a specially designed sprayhead to create optimum turbulence in the funnel for just the right amount of time. As a result BUNN home brewers produce 10 cups of perfect coffee in about 3 minutes --- less than half the time of most regular coffee makers. This combination of time temperature & turbulence is the hallmark of BUNN's home brewing system --- and something unavailable in any other home brewer. BUNN Velocity Brew - Brews better not bitter.
Classic BUNN reservoir-style home brewer with stainless accents specially designed for use in HIGH ALTITUDE markets. Specially engineered thermostat for use above 5000 ft. The following states have the corresponding number of cities in which use of a high altitude version is recommended.

Arizona 270

California 411

Colorado 1106

Hawaii 10

Idaho 342

Iowa 1

Minnesota 1

Montana 350

Nevada 608

New Mexico 1124

North Carolina 4

Oregon 15

South Dakota 50

Texas 3

Utah 677

Vermont 1

Washington 2

Wyoming 291
Brews ten cups (50-oz.) of perfect caf quality coffee in 3 minutes
Commercial-grade exterior materials with stainless steel internal water tank
Unique sprayhead design improves coffee flavor extraction and internal thermostat keeps water at optimal brewing temperature
Porcelain-coated warming plate with lighted On/Off switch

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