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Arabica (Brown Can)

Kimbo... you won't forget it.

Weight: 250 gr / 8.8 oz

Arabica (Brown Can) Large photo

Arabica (Brown Can)

Espresso par excellence 100% finest A blend of the finest Arabica coffees, roasted to perfection to bring out the delicate aroma and irresistible taste. Eight coffees are used for Kimbo Espresso 100% Arabica which account for the richness, balanced acidity, aromatic substances and full-bodied flavor that make up this high quality. The slow and gentle roasting in a rotating drum ensures a thorough roast so that even in not so good years a perfect result is possible. As a pure Arabica coffee it is full-bodied and has medium strength. Imported from Italy. Medium to full-bodied. Very good crema. Medium caffeine content. Good for coffee machines. Perfect for Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

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