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Kimbo Capsules

Kimbo... you won't forget it.

Weight: 100x10.5gr/100x0.37oz

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Kimbo Capsules

The special grind and the traditional Neapolitan roasting give Espresso Napoletano its smooth creamy taste and a full-bodied flavor. Since the best quality always comes from traditionally consistent and quality-related endeavors, KIMBO roasters take good care that they reach that goal. First, there is the selection of the right coffees that enter significant components such as balanced acidity, aromatic substances and full-bodied flavor for the aroma. All this makes individual quality beans into a perfect first-class blend. Another component is the slow and gentle roasting in a rotating drum that contributes to perfection. This roast also reduces all the unpleasant bitter substances almost completely. Imported from Italy. 80% Arabica; 20% Robusta. Full-bodied, Medium caffeine content.

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