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Espresso Export (White Bag)

Kimbo... you won't forget it.

Weight: 250 gr / 8.8 oz

Espresso Export (White Bag) Large photo

Espresso Export (White Bag)

The roast of this Kimbo Export is relatively dark and strong right after the South Italian taste. If you look for a strong espresso that gets you up to top gear in next to no time this is one of the best at the moment. What is also pleasant about it is that this Kimbo Export radiates a wonderful fragrance and aroma that will make you ecstatic.
What a fantastic coffee with this excellent aroma, full-bodied, elegant and spicy, powerful and a treat down to the last drop. Mamma mia, what an after-dinner treat. I would not recommend Kimbo Espresso Export to sensitive people for breakfast because Kimbo Espresso Export gets your temperament, fire and passion into top gear in less than a wink. However, if you like a full body and aroma yet want it somewhat lighter we recommend Kimbo Espresso Gold Medal or Espresso Aroma in ground coffees. This brand is also best suited as office or filter coffee and for the classical Bialetti Moka Express.
. 95% Arabica, 5% Robusta. Very good for coffee machines Perfect for espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato. Imported from Italy.

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