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Gran Miscela Whole Beans

Kimbo... you won't forget it.

Weight: 1000 gr / 35.2 oz

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Gran Miscela Whole Beans

In terms of composition Kimbo Espresso Gran Miscela is absolutely identical with Kimbo Top Quality. The difference lies in the roast which is much softer and more following the North Italian taste. And this Kimbo Espresso Gran Miscela Aroma is a blend of the best high-grown Arabica coffee from Central and South America. It is also well-suited for short black espressos or, because of its enormous richness, for mixed drinks with milk such as Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. But now because it has a very elegant mild and gently roast, is mellow and smooth. It is a fantastic coffee with excellent aroma, full-bodied, elegant and spicy, powerful and a treat down to the last drop. Imported from Italy. 100% Arabica. Good crema. Medium caffeine content.

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