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Espresso Decaf Ground

Lavazza. Espress Yourself.

Weight: 226 gr / 8 oz

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Espresso Decaf Ground

The caffeine has been removed by the gentle water-process method which maintains the coffee's full, rich flavor. Decaffeinato is pre-ground fine for espresso machines and stovetop espresso makers. The quality of Lavazza blends, which has made Lavazza synonymous with espresso all over the world, comes from over a century of exclusive passion for coffee, experience, research and innovation. Lavazza Espresso Decaffeinated is suitable for the use in all types of coffee equipment but the best for Espresso machines. Imported from Italy. 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta. Medium-bodied. Medium Roast. Exceptional Sweetness. Ground to medium coarse to be used in espresso machines.

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