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Qualita Oro Ground

Lavazza. Espress Yourself.

Weight: 226 gr / 8 oz

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Qualita Oro Ground

Lavazza Qualita Oro is truly a fantastic coffee. 100% Arabica from Central America in a perfect roast, mild, smooth for the discerning coffee lover. For those who love pure aroma. Lavazza Qualita Oro is a selection of extraordinarily sweet, 100% fine Arabica coffees. An intense, aromatic blend for true coffee connoisseurs. The roasting cycle that Lavazza technicians have created for Qualita Oro further enhances the blend’s natural characteristic without neglecting that full body taste that the Italian consumer demands. That is why the aroma of Qualita Oro is always so distinct and recognizable. Qualita Oro’s character is tempered by the pleasant floral hint which is typical of the Central American coffees use. A fine blend, excellent at any time of the day and ideal to finish off a meal to enjoy its long lasting intense after-taste. Pre-ground for espresso or moka brewing. The quality of Lavazza blends, which has made Lavazza synonymous with espresso all over the world, comes from over a century of exclusive passion for coffee, experience, research and innovation. Imported from Italy. 100% Arabica. Full-bodied. Medium caffeine content. Medium Roast. Very good crema. Ground to fine coarse to be used in espresso machine.

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