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Top Class Espresso Whole Beans

Lavazza. Espress Yourself.

Weight: 1000gr / 35.2 oz

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Top Class Espresso Whole Beans

Lavazza Top Class sets high standards. A full body and pleasant spicy aroma, excellent crema and presence.
Lavazza Top Class it is one of the better brands. Lavazza chooses a blend of 50% high-grade Arabica coffees from Central and South America as well as 50% washed Robusta from Indonesia, which is among the best ones from the continent. Because of its roasting the beans remain rather dry and lackluster which makes them very suitable for all coffee machines. Lavazza Top Class sets the standard and other roasters, too, show that high-class Robusta coffees can also be roasted into excellent coffees.
Lavazza Top Class is a full-bodied coffee with a rich mouthfeel and an excellent crema. Because of its body Lavazza Top Class is very suitable for espresso and mixing with milk. It has a rich, full and sweet aroma and a long presence.
Imported from Italy. 50% Arabica. 50% Robusta. Full-bodied. High caffeine content. Medium Roast. Excellent Crema.

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