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Coffee Pods Ri58551 French Roast 18 Ct

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Coffee Pods Ri58551 French Roast 18 Ct Large photo

Coffee Pods Ri58551 French Roast 18 Ct

Reunion Island is committed to promoting sustainable coffee farming. Our Fair Trade Organic French Roast is harvested from small family farms in Central and South America. This coffee is certified under both the Transfair and USDA Organic programs. This double certified coffee meets growing consumer demand for agricultural products that are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Best of all this bold French Roast features the bold character that coffee lovers crave. Transfair is an international organization at the forefront of developing socially responsible agriculture programs. Their website explains Fair Trade is an international system of doing business based on dialogue transparency and respect. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions for producers and workers in developing countries. Behind the principles and goals of Fair Trade is a rigorous international system of monitoring auditing and certification. Growing consumer demand for organically-grown products has resulted in increasing availability of certified organic foods including great coffee. For a coffee to be certified organic it must be grown in a manner that excludes the use of fertilizers pesticides hormone treatments or steroids. Organic farmers instead must rely on superior growing practices natural fertilizers and alternative methods of pest and disease control. For more information please visit Enjoy the bold slightly caramelized flavor and heavy body of this all-natural coffee.
16-count box of 10g single cup coffee pods for use with the BUNN My Caf MC & MCP brewers and other brands and models of pod brewers
A richly satisfying blend of beans grown on small farms around the world. Bold heavy-bodied blend of all-natural beans from Central and South America.
100% high elevation handpicked arabica coffee that\'s nitrogen-flushed to maintain the fresh-roasted flavor and aroma
Unlike plastic capsules pods allow you to appreciate authentic coffee aroma before during and after the brew.
Eco-friendly pods are compostable and have less packaging than plastic capsule systems

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