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Saeco Nina Bar Coffee Machine


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Saeco Nina Bar Coffee Machine

Offering quality, convenience and a reasonable price point, the Saeco Nina Bar is a perfect starter machine for those who enjoy quality cappuccino or espresso, but don’t have a lot of time to spend making it. The Nina Bar boasts a stainless steel boiler and cappuccinatore automatic frothing attachment that provides ample steaming power for cappuccinos and lattes. Pressurized Portafilter The pressurized portafilter in the Nina Bar takes a lot of the mystery out of making the perfect espresso. The handle, filter holder and basket are all part of a system that controls the brewing process, waiting for the necessary pressure to build up in the portafilter before releasing the coffee into your cup. Easy to Use Controls The easy-to-use touch interface control panel on the Nina Bar operates the entire machine. The indicator lights turn on, showing you when the machine is “ready to brew” and “ready to steam”. You will tell the machine what you want it to do by pressing the icon that represents what you want to do. These icons are a cup, double cup, steam cloud and water drop, corresponding to a shot, double shot, steaming and hot water dispensing. Cup warmer The passively heated cup warmer on the Nina Bar will warm up to five cups. Brewing your espresso into a warm cup helps retain the heat and integrity of the espresso. Hot Water Dispenser Hot water is easily dispensed for hot chocolate, tea or americanos by simply pressing the water drop button on the control panel. The water will stream out of the steam wand. Panarello Wand and Cappuccinatore Attachment You can hand froth or steam milk for cappuccinos with the Nina’s Panarello Wand- or let the machine do the work for you with the automatic cappuccinatore attachment. The 50 oz water reservoir is located in back of the machine and is removed from the right hand side, making this machine a good option for under a kitchen cabinet. The reservoir is made of ABS plastic. Power 1050 Watts Size 11in x 12in x 15.25in Weight 9lbs Body Material ABS Warranty 2 year Origin Italy

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