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Saeco Via Venezia Coffee Machine Stainless Steel


Saeco Via Venezia Coffee Machine Stainless Steel Large photo

Saeco Via Venezia Coffee Machine Stainless Steel

The Saeco Via Venezia espresso machine is a traditional pump driven machine that will be durable, provide high performance and look good doing it with it's art-deco styling. The Via Venezia espresso machine is equipped with the patented Saeco pressurized brew filter allowing anyone to create great tasting espresso with great crema without having expert knowledge or skills. Frothing milk with the Saeco Via Venezia machine is easier than ever thanks to the triple direction Panarello steam wand, with the milk being agitated by steam in 3 directions the frothing is quick and consistent. The Via Venezia is equipped with a removable 68 oz. water tank that can be filled at the faucet or by an opening in the top of the machine. The machine is easy to disassemble for cleaning and the drip tray is removable as well.
Small but clever, the Manual coffee machines use the Saeco technology to give you the pleasure of a great tasting espresso even if you do not have a lot of room. For all the coffee lovers who want to follow the traditional way to prepare a true "Italian espresso", the Saeco Manual coffee machines are a must-have, blending innovation and tradition.

A Hot water & steam spout
Cup holding surface
15 bar of brewing pressure
950 watts of power
Frequency 60 Hz
"Crema" style portafilter
Interface indicator lights
Coffee volume control manual dosing
Frothing Attachment Pannarello
Removable water tank capacity 68 oz
All Metal Housing
Stainless Steel Boiler
Stainless Steel Finish
Dimensions: 10"W x 12"D x 12.5"H
Weight: 19 lbs

Ship Time: 1 Week

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