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Zevro Vac N Save - 7 Piece Round Set


Zevro Vac N Save - 7 Piece Round Set Large photo

Zevro Vac N Save - 7 Piece Round Set

Our 3 piece set of Vac 'N Save™ Vacuum Sealed Food Storage Containers by Zevro® will make your food stay fresher and last longer! Stretch out your grocery budget and make it last!
How does it work? The container is closed by locking the included lid onto it. The air inside the container is removed using the included pump.

Why vacuum-seal my food? Air, moisture and bacteria all work together to spoil food. When food is in a vacuum-sealed container, it is kept fresh for longer.

Stores all dry foods and liquids
Seals in the freshness and flavor by keeping out moisture and air
High-resistance silicone gasket provides airtight, leak-proof barrier
Side buckles for additional seal
Portable – great to use at home or while on the road
Easy and compact storage (round containers, stack inside one another)
Hand-held pump included

Small: 4.133" L x 4.133" H (0.4 Liter)
Medium: 5.315" L x 5.196" H (1.0 Liter)
Large: 6.496" L x 6.181" H (2.0 Liter)

Ship Time: 1 Week

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