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G.A.T. "Tekna" Stovetop Espresso Maker


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G.A.T. "Tekna" Stovetop Espresso Maker

Our G.A.T. "Tekna" stovetop espresso maker features a modern look and is made from high polished food-grade aluminum.
The shiny black base adds an elegant touch and the convenient "see-through" lid makes it easy to control the brewing process. Tekna is available in 6 & 9-cup sizes.
"Tekna" is made using EN601 certified high polished food-grade aluminum and is, thanks to it's special base, suitable for use on gas, electric, glass, ceramic and even induction stoves. Made in Italy.

"see-through" lid
EN601 certified high polished food-grade aluminum
Handle & knob made from "wood-look" heat resistant material
For use on gas, electric, glass and ceramic stoves
Available in 6 & 9-cup sizes
Made in Italy

Ship Time: 1 Week

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