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Green Ginger


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Green Ginger

Exotic and fragrant, Tazo green ginger tea is filled with delightful ingredients like ginger and lemon grass that pair exceptionally well with the green tea base. Hot or cold, maybe drizzled with a spot of honey, this exotic tea dares to be different with its unique ginger flavor.
Maybe you've tried it because of the health benefits of ginger, such as calming an upset stomach or maybe you've just been looking for a refreshing change of pace, either way Tazo green ginger tea is clearly in a class by itself.
Tazo Green Ginger tea has garden fresh leaves that have been sealed right from picking to maintain the flavor and aroma you have come to expect from Tazo. Try the magical flavor of Green ginger today and dare to be different!
Available in:
• 24 oz - a box of 24 tea bags
• 144 oz - a case of six boxes with 144 tea bags in total

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