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Zen, a blend of exotic green teas and rare herbs. Includes: green tea, lemon verbena, spearmint and natural flavors.
For thousands of years, medicine men and shaman from many cultures have recognized the value of green tea in maintaining health.
Zen, like all Tazo green teas, is prepared in a way that maintains the natural health benefits, color and taste. The tea is steamed to neutralize the oxidating enzyme, then dried using a panfired technique to bring out the maximum flavor. Like black teas, Zen and other Tazo green teas are made from the same botanical species, Cameila Sinensis and can contain as much caffeine as black teas. To brew: 1 filterbag for every 8 ounces of water. Steep for 5 minutes or to your preferred taste.
Available in:
• 24 oz - a box of 24 tea bags
• 144 oz - a case of six boxes with 144 tea bags in total

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