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Folgers Colombian (1.75oz)

Weight: 73.5 oz

Folgers Colombian (1.75oz) Large photo

Folgers Colombian (1.75oz)

Folgers Columbian Coffee in easy to use portion packs (also know as pillow and fraction packs). Each portion pack contains 1.75oz of Folgers Columbian Coffee, and brews a (10-12 cup) pot of coffee. Folgers Columbian Portion Pack Coffee is made from mountain grown beans which give it a delicious taste that you won't forget! This makes a much stronger coffee than the Folgers filter pack.

Just open the package and pour it into the filter. This Folgers Coffee has twice the coffee as the standard filter pack. So if your office want a nice strong Folgers coffee, try the Folgers Colombian.

42 Individually sealed pre-measured portion packages in each case.
Folger Colombian is a medium roast coffee.
Ideal for commercial Bunn coffee pots, airpots, thermal servers, and satellite coffee brewers.
Easy to use, just open and pour into a filter
Individually wrapped to keep your coffee fresh.
Brews 10-12 cups of coffee.
1.75oz. of coffee in each portion pack.
Kosher certified.
Filters are not included.

Ship Time: 1 Week

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