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Kroenung Coffee Ground (250g)

Finest premium coffee with the JACOBS Aroma.

Weight: 250 gr / 8.8 oz

Kroenung Coffee Ground (250g) Large photo

Kroenung Coffee Ground (250g)

Jacobs Kroenung Is the best of JACOBS Coffee. Finest premium coffee with the JACOBS Aroma. High quality coffee beans selected from the best regions blended to compose this fine coffee.
Find out for yourselves why this coffee is Number One Best Seller!
Imported from Germany.
The special taste and aroma of Jacobs coffee brand today carries the inspiration of its creator Johann Jacobs. He opened a coffee and tea shop in Bremen, Germany, in 1895. There he began roasting his own coffee, enabling him “to treat each variety according to its character and the structure of the beans, thus giving my coffee its own special taste".

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